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John A Meinel john at
Mon May 8 18:09:40 BST 2006

Martin Pool wrote:
> On 06/05/2006, at 8:13 PM, Erik Bågfors wrote:
>> No.  I believe two letter commands are not allowed into debian.   Look
>> at how ee was named eeyes or something like that (electric eyes, when
>> it existed).  So debian would have to rename it... to... bzr perhaps?
> As I understand it, you can't have *package* names of less than two
> letters, but commands are OK:
> % dpkg -S =i
> iprint: /usr/bin/i
> 'br' is the easiest abbreviation to type on my keyboard -- 'z' is in a
> bad location on QWERTY, though I suppose not in other languages.  But I
> think we have had enough flux in naming for a while.
> --Martin

What flux? Just baz->bzr as far as I know.

Technically, both 'b' and 'r' are typed with the same finger. But when
you reach for the 'b' it is pretty easy to slide your middle finger over
to hit the r. So while it isn't correct typing, it is a very easy
muscle-memory to fix, at least as easy as bz, (both which require
non-standard finger placements).

I do find 'bz' a little bit easier to 'slip into' than br. But I think
long-term br uses dominant fingers rather than the pinky. And for
something you type a lot, it is less straining to use 'br'. On another
plus on dvorak 'br st' uses all four fingers on the right hand, making
it very easy to type. And it is pretty easy to type with qwerty too.

And 'bzr st' is far and away the most common command I type. It is even
a command I type when my brain is churning, and waiting for new
commands. (Just like why I type 'ls' sometimes).

So I'm +1 on either 'bz' or 'br'. There are tradeoffs either way. But I
think both are better than 'bzr'.


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