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Matthieu Moy Matthieu.Moy at
Sun May 7 14:33:06 BST 2006

"Erik Bågfors" <zindar at> writes:

> On 5/7/06, Matthieu Moy <Matthieu.Moy at> wrote:
>> Erik Bågfors wrote:
>> > Correct, no NEW two letter command are to be introduced in debian.
>> Perhaps revision control systems are the exception then ... (hg, cg)
> I used to be alittle bit involved in arla [0] (a AFS implementation),
> and they have a command named "fs", that there was lot's of problem
> with in including in debian [1]. So unless that has changed since
> 2000.......

I don't know exactly Debian policy, but a reasonable one would be :
"don't use two letters commands unless you have a good reason to do
so". From the message you refer to, "it's been called like this for
ages" counts for a good reason. I suppose "this is a command you type
very often" can count as one too (hg and cg being examples of commands
typed often, and a proof that the Debian team accepted SCM commands as
commands typed often).

But that's only my understanding ...


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