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Erik Bågfors zindar at
Sat May 6 18:00:46 BST 2006

On 5/6/06, Ramon Diaz-Uriarte <rdiaz02 at> wrote:
> This is a very useful document! A few comments/questions:
> ================================================
> > A shared repository is a storage that can contain multiple branches.
> > By putting the branches in a shared repository, they will use the same
> > storage for things that are the same between different branches.  It
> > is recommended to keep related branches in a shared repository.
> >
> > Branches in bzr can also be standalone, in this case, each branch does
> > not share the same storage.
> >
> > The setup described in this document is where you have one centralized
> > shared repository on a central server. This repository is then used by
> > all developers.  In this setup, each developer needs to be able to
> In the last paragraph, does "shared" have the meaning of "shared by
> several users" or "shared because there are several branches". If the
> later, why/how does that relate to  the cvs/svn-like usage.

Shared between several branches, they may or may not also be shared
between several users, but so may standalone branches. In the example
above, it's both.

In svn-terms a shared repository is what's also called a repository in
svn, and a branch is "trunk", or "branches/foobranch".  In CVS it's
harder, because CVS sucks :)

> > Creating a centralized shared storage
> > =====================================
> >   $ bzr init-repo sftp://bzr@server/path/to/repo
> > to create the shared repository.
> >
> > In this repository, you need to create a branch, this is done with the
> > command "bzr init", for example
> >   $ bzr init sftp://bzr@server/path/to/repo/branch
> > will create a branch named "branch" inside the repository.
> >
> I have several doubts:
> - If I understand correctly, the "recipe" is for a directory that
> doesn't yet exist


> - If /path/to/repo exists and has files already, shouldn't we use "bzr
> init" followed  by "bzr add"?

Nope. /path/to/repo is just a shared repository, not a branch. A
repository cannot contain any files (only revisions and branches). The
branches in the repository does not have working trees, so a checkout
has to happen to add files to it.  Same as in svn I think... at least
that's how I've always worked with svn.


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