poll on unicode usage

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed May 3 18:43:31 BST 2006

Martin Pool пишет:
> Just a couple of quick questions particularly for people using languages 
> other than English:
>  1- Would you ever want to have bzr branches at a URL that includes 
> non-ascii characters?

When you say URL you mean "project published somewhere on the web" or 
"project lived on local machine"? If former then unlikely. If latter 
then it possible but mostly uncommon. I'm personally as programmer avoid 
to create directory with non-ascii names because is very likely to have 
problems with compilers. But creating additional (text) files with 
non-ascii names in tree is possible. Also possible when version control 
used by non-programmers.

>  2- Do you think it's common or uncommon to have URLs that use encodings 
> other than UTF-8?

Again, we talk about web/http? It's difficult question but I think it's 


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