pre-commit hooks and $Id$ banners?

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon May 1 03:19:10 BST 2006

On  1 May 2006, Jamie Wilkinson <jaq at> wrote:
> >What if time turns out to be continuous? 

I think that's just Robert's sense of humour.  Sorry. :-)

> Irrelevant either way; bzr revisions are discreet points on a branch.  A
> point in time along the branch timeline will always refer to a single
> revision.
> But this is orthogonal to my argument; the VCS should not change the code;
> alreayd this thread is exploring the difficulty in storing these CVS turds,
> expanding them, checking for ones that haven't changed; it's a lot of work
> for no gain, IMHO.
> -1 to the "feature".

I think a reasonable position is: use John's plugin; perhaps pull that
into core; have a tree-update hook which you can use to automatically
fire it if you wish so that new checkouts or after commit the files seem


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