Saving log on failed commit

Olaf Conradi oohlaf at
Fri Apr 28 21:51:16 BST 2006

On 28/04/06, Gustavo Niemeyer <gustavo at> wrote:
> > There was some discussion about putting it it .bzr/checkout/log
> >
> > Since that would be a sort of "working space" for the checkout.
> > But recently there was also a discussion of using .bzr/tmp for things
> > that can safely be removed/not backed up.
> These don't look like good places for user-visible things.

Exactly, I would prefer to have them in the present working directory.

> > The problem with doing <workdir>/bzr-log.N is that it would conceptually
> > cause "bzr commit --strict" to fail because of an unknown file. (A
> > simple ignore glob would fix this).
> Yes, these are good candidates for being ignored, if implemented
> this way.

Isn't the point of saving a failed log message so the user knows his
message was not lost. Putting it in ignore would hide it again. Let is
show up in bzr status and let it conflict with bzr ci --strict. I'd
say strict is meant to conflict in such a situation. The user should
act upon the failed checkin. Either commit without --strict or remove
the temporary log message.


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