bzr 0.8 release candidate

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Wed Apr 19 19:32:32 BST 2006

2006/4/19, Matthieu Moy <Matthieu.Moy at>:
> Martin Pool wrote:
> > Knits are usable now.  The format is finalized, and reportedly
> > considerably faster over slow networks than weaves.  I'll remove that
> > from the help text.
> Good to hear :-).
> (maybe they can not be considered "mature" enough to be the default, but
> at least, this means that bzr 0.8 will be able to read the format of
> future versions for some time).
> > You can make a new branch in the knit format with
> >
> >   bzr init --format knit
> >
> > and upgrade an existing branch by either init and then pulling into a
> > new branch, or by running 'bzr upgrade --format knit' in place.
> I believe "push" and "branch" should also have a --format option.
> Otherwise, how do I create a remote branch in knit format if I don't
> have a shell access on the remote machine ?

I think push, branch and pull keeps the format of the branch they are
working on.

If you think of it, that makes sence.  If you cooperate with a 0.7
user, and branch his branch, you want to give him a branch that he can
use.  So by not changing the format, that works.



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