(fwd) bzr shelve feedback

Wouter van Heyst larstiq at larstiq.dyndns.org
Thu Nov 24 14:41:31 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 05:21:23PM +0300, Alexey Shamrin wrote:
> On 24/11/05, Martin Pool <mbp at sourcefrog.net> wrote:
> >     1. Why is it called bzr shelve? I'm human, I'm very familiar with
> >     the idea of "undo/redo". "shelve", though it may align well to some
> >     dictionarily precise definition, does not fit the goal my brain
> >     formulates: I want to undo the changes I've made. Or I want to redo
> >     what I undid. Period.
> I don't like shelve/unshelve mainly because I didn't know this words
> before I saw their use in bzr plugin and I had to look them up in the
> dictionary (English is not my native language). It's good that I now
> know them, but it seems to me they are not really common.

English is not my native language either, but shelve/unshelve made the
concept immediately clear to me, without ever having used quilt/arch of
any other tool with this functionality. I did use the process by hand
with cvs and diff/patch though, that might have helped.

Wouter van Heyst

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