bzr questions

Martin Pool martinpool at
Thu Sep 29 11:32:58 BST 2005

> >> After doing `bzr log | less` and then quitting early on I get:
> >>
> >> bzr: broken pipe
> >>
> >> Is this just accepted as normal or will this error be gone in the  future?

Hi Jordan,

As John said, this is the intentional behaviour when e.g. you quit
less before reading all of the bzr output.  We could just as easily
say nothing when we're terminated, but this is consistent with at
least some other unix programs.  Perhaps it's better to just go away,
at least in cases where it seems reasonable that the user wouldn't
read all the output.

> Sorry for all of the basic questions I have been asking, I only just
> started really looking into bzr (I like that it tracks directories,
> which mercurial does not).

Well, please keep looking.  Our storage is very inefficient at the
moment, but we are fixing it.


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