bzrweb/bzr init questions

John A Meinel john at
Tue Sep 27 20:36:05 BST 2005

Jordan Breeding wrote:
> Is bzrweb still around anywhere?  I am having trobule finding it.

The old place was here:

However, when going there, I get a Internal Server Error.

I'm CC'ing the original author, hopefully he is available to let us know
what is happening.

At the same time, there is also:

Which is a plugin that acts as a web server for bzr. I believe it was
modeled after mercurial's "hg serve" command.


> Also, should `bzr init` take an optional directory like:
> `bzr init new_repo`
> Mercurial does this and it has come in handy, it also seems that
> arch 2.0 looks like it will support this syntax.
> Thanks,
> Jordan

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