bzr on Windows

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Mon Sep 26 21:37:49 BST 2005

Robert Collins пишет:
>> > I think we have a python version of diff3, so this should not bee needed
>> > anymore.
>>Yes, it is.
> I'm not clear here : yes diff3 is needed? Or yes our python diff3 means
> that external diff3 is not needed ?

I'm don't sure in this moment.
When I'm remove path to gnu diff from my $PATH environment variable and 
run selftest,
it will also pass the same 54 tests and fails on test_merge. May be I do 
not reach diff-tests due to the bug in merge?

But bzrlib\ module have function external_diff that will try to 
spawn diff utility, so I'm really not sure in question: is diff utils 
neede or not? But I'm sure that if mentioned function external_diff 
covered by selftest it will fails on Windows on either reasons:

- if user does not have diff utils installed and listed in $PATH variable
- anyway fails because diff invoked with os.spawnvp function of Python, 
but this function (and all spawn with -p suffix) does not exists on Windows.


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