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John A Meinel john at
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Martin Pool wrote:
> On 23/09/05, John Arbash Meinel <john at> wrote:
>>4) What is supposed to be in "ancestry.weave"? How does it work when you
>>do a merge? In looking through the file, it looks like each revision
>>adds only one new entry, shouldn't some of them add 2? If I understand
>>the idea, you are trying to have a file which can be queried to get the
>>complete ancestry for a given revision. But I don't see how it handles
> Version R of the ancestry file contains a list of every revision
> merged into R plus R, ordered so that parents come before their
> children.

Interesting. I'm still curious how the branching manages to merge things
together properly. But I expect it works, otherwise you wouldn't be
using it. :)

> Straight-line commits therefore add just a single line, being their
> own revision id.
> When you do a merge, the ancestry of the merged revision will be the
> set union (preserving order) of the merged parents.
> It handles branching because weaves can hold a branched DAG of
> revisions within them.  (Run " toc ancestry.weave" to see it.)
> The ancestry list is interesting in for several algorithms.  If we
> calculate the set intersection of the ancestry of two revisions we
> have a list of the versions merged into both of them, and therefore a
> list of what is new on either side.  By feeding those lists into the
> weaves for each file, we can see what lines are common or new.  We can
> also use the ancestry list to find a good 3-way base, without needing
> to traverse the graph.

Certainly, I've often wished that we had a more complete ancestry file
(with revision-history and merged revisions). This seems like a nice way
to do it.


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> Martin

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