[Fwd: [PATCH] bzr tracks permissions]

Harald Meland harald.meland at usit.uio.no
Fri Sep 23 13:26:56 BST 2005

[John Arbash Meinel]

> So that you would have something like:
> <inventory>
> <entry file_id="bzrignore-20050311232317-81f7b71efa2db11a"
>        kind="file" name=".bzrignore"
>        text_id="bzrignore-20050826023137-1ff5a95c8c33ddb8"
>        text_sha1="306645ea65f4be1a5706d0cb5299d64a72e9c828"
>        text_size="179" 
>        executable="False">
>   <meta-info>
>     <unix-permissions>0644/<unix-permissions>
>     <windows-acl>
>       <group name="something">XYZ</group>
>       <user name="jameinel">Full</user>
>     </windows-acl>
>     <nickname>The ignored file</nickname>
>     <notes>Just a stupid file</notes>
>   </meta-info>
> </entry>
> <entry 
> ...
> </inventory>

I don't have much of an opinion in this matter, but thought I'd
mention that the <meta-info> stuff should take care to do the same
kind of control-character detection and/or escaping as is currently
done for commit messages.

Actually, I'm beginning to suspect that until ElementTree itself
starts spotting illegal XML content, it would be good if bzr did all
xml writing through a validation layer on top of ElementTree.  That
way we could guard against bzr ever writing XML that it later turns
out we're unable to read in again.

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