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John Arbash Meinel john at
Thu Sep 22 18:41:14 BST 2005

John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> Martin Pool wrote:


> 2) Is it really that difficult to have bzr.newformat support the
> oldformat? All you have to do is detect it from .bzr/branch-format, and
> then create the old stores, etc. (I'm not sure what else you changed in
> the code, though.) It looks like you are doing the check, but rely on
> "relax_version_check" which is probably only set by the upgrade code.
>>From what I've seen, the new code might depend on things like the
> ancestry file, so it might be required.

Just to comment on this a little bit more, it would be nice if you could
still merge/compare against a branch which was an older format. This
makes it easier to get patches from people after you have upgraded.
Though I suppose you could just branch them, and then upgrade the local

Also, especially in the case of pulling a bunch of ancestry, it might be
nice to have a "WeaveStore.add_texts()" function, which would let you
add a bunch of entries to a given weave, before writing it out. That way
the same file doesn't get re-written 20 times when you are pulling 20
revisions. Though I suppose the code may not be written such that it can
 know about multiple changes in a row. But for 20 1-line changes, you
have to write 20-full history files.

(Though with my append only idea, you would only have to write 20 X-line

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