Use of bzr in LinuxChix course

Martin Pool martinpool at
Mon Sep 12 09:12:30 BST 2005

On 09/09/05, Mary Gardiner <mary-sounder at> wrote:

> As part of a slow moving push towards trying to get more LinuxChix
> subscribers involved in open source development, I'm going to run a
> course about how collaboration in Free Software projects works. This
> will include some social elements, but the second half of it will be on
> version control systems and how they're used to collaborate.

Hi Mary,

I think that's a great topic for a course.

> Because I'm starting to use bzr myself (I know it's not exactly what
> you'd call stable, but I really like its simplicity), I'm intending to
> include some bzr examples when I talk about distributed VCSs. It most
> likely won't get much more complicated than branching from an upstream
> project, making some commits and either merging or making your own
> branch available publicly. Even so, I'd appreciate any feedback you have
> from whether this is a foolish idea (for example, if the command line
> arguments for the tasks named are likely to change much I'd consider it
> foolish) or offers of technical review. (It would probably involve
> reviewing two long mailing list posts, probably sometime in
> mid-October.)

Aside from it being a pre-1.0 product I think it's fine.  The commands
that exist are not likely to change very much, they'll just work
better.  Any feedback *you* have on things that confuse new users
would be very welcome.


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