Bzr Vs baz/tla repos formats

Martin Pool martinpool at
Mon Sep 12 08:18:10 BST 2005

On 12/09/05, Dhruva Krishnamurthy (RBIN/EDI3) *
<Dhruva.Krishnamurthy at> wrote:
>         Is there any plan to enable "bzr" to read "baz/tla" repository
> directly (seamlessly) without using an inderect way of using tools like
> "tailor" in the future?

It might be possible.  I don't think anyone plans to do it at the
moment.  Of course there is baz2bzr and tailor to do a one-off

Is there some particular reason you wanted it?

It does not look like there is much interest in continuing to maintain
the tla codebase so conversion to bzr sometime is probably the best


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