Errors branching from remote with bzr 0.0.6+20050828-0

Kevin Smith yarcs at
Tue Sep 6 18:38:37 BST 2005

Martin Pool wrote:
> On 8/29/05, Kevin Smith <yarcs at> wrote:
>>kevins at aria:~/work/SpaceMonkeys$ bzr branch
>> verify
>>bzr: ERROR: label too long
>>   at /usr/lib/python2.4/encodings/ line 72, in ToASCII()
>>   see ~/.bzr.log for debug information
> That's a strange error.  If you still have the traceback could you post it?

I don't, but it's trivial to reproduce. I renamed the .bzr directory on 
the server to dot-bzr, re-ran the branch command, and got the same 
error. You should be able to see the same behavior on your workstation. 
I'll leave the repo broken like this for a little while. Please let me 
know when you're done experimenting so I can put .bzr back where it belongs.

Just in case, the log is attached.

As before, it's on Ubuntu 5.04. I'm now using the +20050906 version of bzr.


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