Status of Transport work

Lalo Martins lalo at
Sat Aug 27 04:56:28 BST 2005

And so says John A Meinel on 18/08/05 10:35...
> So for now, just merge up to revno 960. All the tests pass there. If you
> want to work on Http pipelining, you can look into my other changes, but
> I don't know if it is the route you want to go.


I tried to merge your 960 into a fresh branch off  It didn't
stick :-(  your changes overlap much of other recent bzr work, such as
the fetch module, and Robert's testing framework cleanup.

After I arduously resolved the stuff I could deal with, I got a bzr that
*mostly* passes the tests - a few failures still, on blackbox, for it
seems to have a different idea of what is an ancestor branch - but
trying to actually use it, popped up some aberrations, like "branch -r"
not working (probably due to Aaron recently changing how it was supposed
to work).

If you have a few hours, could you try to stitch your transport stuff
into a fresh bzr?  I'm *very* interested in having the transport
abstraction, it would really simplify the stuff I'm working on.  (And I
want to use your sftp plugin too :-) )

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