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Robey Pointer robey at lag.net
Fri Aug 26 06:33:38 BST 2005

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On 25 Aug 2005, at 16:11, Robert Collins wrote:

> We're now using stock unittest infrastructure - the bzr test suite can
> be correctly run by any of the test runners out there.

Thank you for this -- so much!  The non-standard tests were really  
confusing to me but I didn't feel like I contribute enough to  
complain about it.

> Oh, and be sure to use Parent.setUp(self) (and tearDown()) when you
> overide setUp and tearDown(). super() should not be used as the top of
> the hierarchy doesn't use it, and I'm told that super must be used all
> the way through or it introduces pain.

It's only a problem if you have a complex heirarchy.

(Ignore this part if you don't care:) The problem is that with a  
complex heirarchy, you can't easily predict the method resolution  
order, and so your call to super() may actually go over to another  
class instead of your immediate parent.  Suddenly you rely on this  
other class calling super() correctly.

I doubt the testcase classes have this kind of heirarchy.


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