[Fwd: Re: bzr 0.0.5 windows python 2.4.1 "global name 'self' not defined"]

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Jul 21 17:54:12 BST 2005

On 22 Jul 2005, mark brand <mark.brand at memerocket.com> wrote:
> hi martin:
> thanks for the prompt reply, no worry about finding bugs, it makes life
> more interesting. re: problem, i applied the file you emailed (lock.py)
> getting the error below (between ---). sorry i cant fix myself. same
> process to error, created folder, bzr init, created file a.txt, bzr status.
> cheers
> mark
> [D:\bin\dev\bzr\bar]python ..\bzr status
> unknown:
>   a.txt
> D:\bin\dev\bzr\bzrlib\lock.py:64: UserWarning: lock on <open file
> 'D:\bin\dev\bzr\bar\.bzr\branch-lock', mode 'rb' at 0x
> 00BB4BA8> not released
>   warn("lock on %r not released" % self.f)
> Exception bzrlib.errors.LockError: <bzrlib.errors.LockError instance at
> 0x00BE45D0> in <bound method _msvc_ReadLock.__de
> l__ of <bzrlib.lock._msvc_ReadLock object at 0x00BC6B10>> ignored

OK, at this point I think we need to see the .bzr.log.


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