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John A Meinel john at
Sat Jul 9 18:15:29 BST 2005

Aaron Bentley wrote:
> John A Meinel wrote:
>>>Could you tell me more what you explicitly like/dislike about it? In
>>>general, the layout is what I was thinking, where you have the
>>>directories along the left, files in a window on the right, and the
>>>icons are colored by file status.
>>>Is there anything specifically good or bad here?
> If you're only showing one directory at a time, it can be hard to
> properly see the differences between two revisions.  At least an
> optional display that listed all files at once would be nice.

WinCVS has a 'flatten' mode, which lists all of the files underneath the
current directory. It is also nice to allow you to see what files have
changed, and need to be committed.

> Filters so you can hide 'ignored', 'unknown' and 'unchanged' files (a la
> Meld) would also be nice.

Agreed, also very useful with the flatten mode.

Actually, I was thinking about the "commit" functionality, and probably
commit should pull up a window with all of the files that are going to
be committed, and allow you to select what you do/don't want, which
would make partial commits easy to do. You probably should also be able
to get the delta to see what is really going on, and if I was *really*
nice, you could select individual hunks for commit, but that is
definitely on the TODO list, but not implemented right away. :)

> Some sort of related-branches browser (with display names, and an
> indicator for whether it has been updated since last pull) would also be
> nice for pulling/merging.

Right, I still need to figure out how to display related branches, keep
track of them, etc.

When you say "display names" are you saying aliases? So that when I
"register" a related branch, it gives me the opportunity to name it
something meaningful to me.

> Aaron

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