GUI for bazaar-ng

Erik Bågfors zindar at
Sat Jul 9 10:47:34 BST 2005

FYI, I started with a bzr gui a while ago.  Haven't really had time to
deal with it since then.
You can find a very early screenshot at

Today it has the "last changed date", "Last changed by" and "Commit
message working" and you can get the log as well.  With a commit
possibility it would acctually be useable.

The current plan is to change the "view one folder at a
time"-interface to do a real tree and then add commits, then it should
be useable. I also have preliminary gui designs for "branch" and pull.
Merge would be very interesting to get..

It's written in python and gtk, and should work on both linux and
windows since it's using no gnome-specific stuff.


On 7/8/05, John A Meinel <john at> wrote:
> Hey everyone, I thought I would start a thread to get some ideas of what
> people would like in a GUI for bzr. What other gui's they have liked,
> what are the specific features, and how does that apply to something
> like bzr.
> For instance, I have liked WinCVS and cervisia for CVS development.
> Basically just a filesystem browser, which includes extra information on
> the status of different files. It has a graphical tree history, but I'm
> not sure how much that means when your branches are in physically
> different locations.
> Obviously it has a graphical diff program (or can call an external one).
> For starters, I think it is easiest to spawn an external one.
> Have people used Octopy, Liked/Disliked it? (I used it a little bit a
> while ago, but it wasn't very stable to get a good feel for it's workflow)
> I realize we can't say much about the Bitkeeper GUI, but that is the
> only gui I know about for a distributed revctl system.
> I think it would be pretty easy to do something in wxPython, but that is
> just my preferred gui toolkit.
> Anyway, I'm just curious what people would want. Obviously it should be
> possible to do everything from the GUI that you can do from the command
> line. And I think the GUI should try to avoid keeping "extra"
> information, so that if you use the command line for something, the gui
> doesn't need to be informed about it. (Use ~/.bzr.conf/email for the
> email address, don't store it somewhere else.) It might keep some
> things, like recent branches, that sort of thing.
> John
> =:->

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