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Tue Jun 7 22:28:02 BST 2005

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Roncaglia Julien wrote:
| Also note that what is missing in this path is that ignored files are
| added if they match, i think this is also the case when the expanding is
| done by some unix shell but seem counter-intuitive.

It is a design decision.  If you want to add a file of a type that's
normally ignored, you can do that in bzr, the same way you'd add a file
that wasn't ignored.  This is good, because sometimes you'll have one
file in a class that would normally be ignored that, for some reason,
shouldn't be ignored.

It's like this:
A file can be versioned or unversioned.  When you add a file, it becomes
versioned.  Fundamentally, bzr only cares about versioned files.

Unversioned files can be ignored or unknown.  This is totally a UI
distinction.  Ignored files are not shown by "status", and they aren't
added by "bzr add .".  Otherwise, they're treated the same.

If you want to prevent people from accidentally adding ignored files,
that's reasonable.  But don't do it in such a way that people can't
deliberately add ignored files.  In Unix, you can't tell whether a
filename was produced by wildcard expansion or was the exact text the
user entered.  So in unix, you can, and must, be able to add unversioned
files with "bzr add foo.*".  So you'd have differences in behavior
between win32 and unix.

On the other hand, it would be rather strange if "bzr add foo.pyc"
worked, and "bzr add *.pyc" did not.

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