How is Bazaar-NG related to Bazaar and Arch in general?

Nicholas Nethercote njn at
Wed Jun 1 16:22:25 BST 2005

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Sean Russell wrote:

> I suspect that the only thing Bazaar-NG has in common with Bazaar (and,
> therefore, Arch) is that it is being developed by the same people, and they
> chose a similar name.

On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Aaron Bentley wrote:

> Martin's conclusions were that some of Gnu Arch's warts were inherent in
> the model it used-- that no Arch implementation could really be
> user-friendly.  I arrived at the code sprint somewhat later, and by this
> time, Martin was already designing a new revision control system, which
> went through several names, including $PROJECT.

I think Bazaar-NG is a bad name.  The fact that this thread exists is a 
testament to that.

Names are important.  If you have to explain to every newcomer the 
difference between your project and another one which has an 
almost-identical name but really is quite different, you have a clear 
problem.  The fact that the command line names are "baz" and "bzr" makes 
things even more confusing.

I'd suggest changing the name while the project is still young.  It worked 
for Firefox.  Even "BZR" would be better than "Bazaar-NG", although it's 
arguably still too close to Bazaar for comfort.

Just my two cents.


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