How is Bazaar-NG related to Bazaar and Arch in general?

ser at ser at
Wed Jun 1 15:59:31 BST 2005

> | Does that mean that development on Bazaar is now stalled, with all
> | manpower invested in Bazaar-NG ?
> Baz represents the 'evolutionary' approach-- it's a fork of Gnu Arch
> that is evolving into an implementation of Bazaar-NG, while staying
> backwards-compatible with Arch.  Bazaar-NG represents the
> 'revolutionary' approach-- a from-scratch implementation.  Baz is a more
> stable system, while baz-ng has more room for experimentation.  For now,
> there's a need for both to be actively developed.  Both roads will lead
> to the same place, eventually.

Ok.  Bazaar-NG is not currently Arch-compatible, Baz is not currently
Bazaar-NG compatible, and they share no code (is that last assertion
correct?).  We assume that architectural limitations in Arch mean that it
is incapable of supporting some (possibly future) Bazaar-NG features.  So:

1) Will Bazaar-NG eventually gain support for Arch repositories?  How much
support will there be, and what is the point to having this support?

2) Will there be two separate projects, in perpetuity, or will one of the
projects be superceded by the other?

That last question is off-topic, and I ask it both out of curiosity and
from a business (Canonical's) perspective.  I find it curious that
Canonical is willing to spend money on resources just to maintain support
for Arch.

--- SER

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