plans for 0.0.6 release

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Jun 1 06:54:22 BST 2005


First off I'd like to thank everyone who's sent patches recently; the
flood coming in is really remarkable.   I'm trying to keep working
through the backlog while still working through my own todo list.   If
there is anything important that seems to have been dropped feel free to
retransmit it.

A lot has changed since the last tarball release so I would like to put
out an 0.0.6 release in a couple of days with more or less the current
feature set and any outstanding bugs fixed, and then move on to
integrating and writing more features.  If there is anything you feel
ought to be in for that, then speak up now.  I'm going to put in the
merge patches and fix the read-only locking bugs.


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