testbzr fails on windows with bad line endings.

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed May 25 06:50:24 BST 2005

John A Meinel wrote:

> What does the 't' stand for for opening files in 'wt' mode? After
> looking and looking, and browsing through the python source. I think I
> found that it means absolutely nothing to python. It seems to pass it on
> to the fopen() command, but even with that, I can't find a definition
> for it.
Attached is a patch which changes all instances of 'wt' into 'wb'.

After applying all of the latest patches (to setup file locking under
win32, and handle line endings, etc) all tests pass under cygwin.

Nothing passes for win32 native, since that causes path names to use '\'
instead of '/'.

Is there a general consensus about how to handle paths internally? Since
windows supports it, I think we should use '/' as the path separator. It
just unifies platforms.

I could create a patch for the self-tests, which just does a
str.replace('\\', '/') where necessary for the tests.


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