Patch for commit messages with an editor

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Tue May 24 10:55:29 BST 2005

På Mon, May 23, 2005 at 04:21:40PM +0200, Torsten Marek skrev:
> Johan Rydberg schrieb:
> > Why not use a temporary name instead?
> I was "inspired" by subversion, which uses svn-commit{.x}. A temporary
> filename is fine as well, except for one thing: if you happen to use an
> editor that creates backups of edited files, you are left with
> .bzr-commit.0~ in the one case and sth like. 0txc5423~ in the other. Or
> should the commit file be put into /tmp?

Why save a commit message if you've just committed a revision along with the
commit message? I think os.tmpnam will be fine.

Another thing: can bzr please default to open an editor mode if neither -m
or --file was specified? (I always forget to specify a commit message when
doing partial commits)

  mvrgr, Wouter


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