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Torsten Marek shlomme at
Mon May 23 15:21:40 BST 2005

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Johan Rydberg schrieb:
> Torsten Marek <shlomme at> writes:
>>Hello bzr-ng devs,
>>I made a little patch which enables bzr to start an editor if no
>>commit message is specified by --file or --msg. Surely not all
>>quirks are worked out yet (I just "ported" it from 0.0.4 to the
>>development branch), but I find it much more convenient like that.
> I think it looks good.  I have one comment though.  It should not be
> possible to generalize it a bit further.  There is a possible chance
> that we would need to spawn an editor for other things than just "bzr
> commit".

Ok, the function name should then be something else than
_get_commit_message(...). Maybe the ignoreline text can be specified, or whether
there is additional information to be displayed at all. I'll try to revise the
patch in the next days.
>>+    def names():
>>+        for i in itertools.count():
>>+            yield ".bzr-commit.%i" % (i,)
>>+    try:
>>+        # get name which is unused
>>+        for n in names():
>>+            if not os.path.exists(n):
>>+                msgfilename = n
>>+                break
> Why not use a temporary name instead?

I was "inspired" by subversion, which uses svn-commit{.x}. A temporary filename
is fine as well, except for one thing: if you happen to use an editor that
creates backups of edited files, you are left with .bzr-commit.0~ in the one
case and sth like. 0txc5423~ in the other. Or should the commit file be put into



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