Is bazaar-ng for newbies?

Wilk wilk-ml at
Sat Apr 30 07:50:54 BST 2005

Erik Bågfors <zindar at> writes:

> I think, yes!
> bazaar-ng should be a simple as a SCM can be without giving up
> important functionality.
> There are lot's of things that are not implemented yet and therefor it
> may not be for newbies today.

In an other way, it's interesting for a newbie to start now and use
others tools in the same time (rsync, diff between two tree...), it'll
help to understand what is a distributed SCM.

I started a litle shared project with bzr and even with the missing
feature i found it more easy to explain to the others contributors how
they can follow the project and send patchs than with arch. With an
other project under arch, most of the contributors didn't use more
commands than what we have in bzr now !

William -

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