bzr 0.0.3 released

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Apr 7 05:50:53 BST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 04:19 +0000, Faheem Mitha wrote:

> 1) Some of these commands are not documented in baz help.


There'll be some commands which are internal or advanced-use command
which won't be listed in the default help screen ("what you need to
know") but they should still be given by "help commands" or something.

> 2) baz ls 
> lists unversioned files and directories. Is this intentional?

It's not settled.

> 3) bzr cat
> requires a revision number. Is there some reason it cannot default to
> EAD (most recent revision) like subversion does?

No it should.

> 4) I'm a little fuzzy on the necessity of both move and rename. What
> does move do that rename cannot?

The right hand side of move is a directory; the files are moved into
that directory under their current names.  move can move any number of

From gnu mv:

% mv --help

'bzr rename' does the first of these.  'bzr move' does the second.

Given the recent list thread this is apparently confusing to people used
to Unix.

> BTW, would it be helpful if I was to subscribe? I don't want to have
> someone taking time to moderate my posts. On the other hand, this
> mailing list looks like it might become very busy quite quickly...

Your address is pre-approved.  It's only the first post from each person
that needs approval -- or do what Andrew said.


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