recording email address?

Tez Kamihira tez at
Tue Mar 29 01:41:40 BST 2005

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 09:38:00 +1000, Martin Pool <mbp at> said:
> >     1. In default, you generate another uuid instead of their e-mail addr part.
> I'd rather use just the userid "tez" or even "anonymous", rather than a
> UUID.  I don't want humans to ever have to see or deal with UUIDs.  I
> think people who are concerned about spam should be less worried to have
> only their userid leak (?)

I agree. UUID would be too unfriendly and userid (e.g. "tez") would be
nice. Anyway, it's not so big issue. I'm afraid if I responded too
quickly by my last post.

> >     3. If id is set, use it. otherwise, use uuid.
> >
> > or your changeset format has already been fixed ? too late request ?
> No, not too late.

Good. Fortunately, this project is still at very early stage, and we
could think archive layout freely. I hope everyone not to hesitate to
improve the archive/changeset format to find out most suitable one.
(Of course I don't mean any kind of flame war, though).

Intuitively, this project will succeed. Keep up good work, folks.

        - Tez

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