recording email address?

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Mar 28 00:38:00 BST 2005

Tez Kamihira wrote:

> Ok, I've just installed your story, and played. Yes. It's cool.
> I have a question.
> In .bzr/inventory-store/ & /revision-store/ directory, you stamped the
> user's e-mail address.  Is it inevitable ? As for me, it doesn't have
> any problem. but some people would not leak their e-mail address
> without their notice.

The whole point of that field is to have something that identifies the
person.  email addresses are the obvious thing to use, but it doesn't
have to be one.  In particular, even if it is of the form of an email
address, it doesn't have to be one that is actually deliverable.

Of course it won't leak until you explicitly publish your changes by
mailing them to someone, or committing to a public branch.

>     1. In default, you generate another uuid instead of their e-mail addr part.

I'd rather use just the userid "tez" or even "anonymous", rather than a
UUID.  I don't want humans to ever have to see or deal with UUIDs.  I
think people who are concerned about spam should be less worried to have
only their userid leak (?)

>     2. make another command, just like "bzr set-user-id tez at" or so.

Yes; you can already do this by setting eg BZREMAIL='Tez Kamihira
<tez at>'.

Someone else suggested it may be good to have this as a per-branch
option, for when one person works on different projects under different
identities (work & personal, etc).

>     3. If id is set, use it. otherwise, use uuid.
> or your changeset format has already been fixed ? too late request ?

No, not too late.

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