some bugs

David I. Lehn dlehn at
Wed Mar 23 05:27:06 GMT 2005


Just came across bazaar-ng.  Looks like a nice direction for a source
control system.  Looks like a nice melding of features from bitkeeper,
arch, and subversion.  If nothing else, the docs summarize some nice
things that other systems should look at.  I do however question the
overuse of projects using *-ng naming. ;)

Couple problems I've got now.  First is that when checking out with tla
there's a sig checking problem at patch-365:

  archive: mbp at
  revision bazaar-ng--0--patch-365
  checksum file: checksum.cacherev

Had to just disable checking to get past that.

Running the tutorial I hit a time.localtime() bug during my first
commit.  Looks like None is passed in rather than no params.  That's
puking on Python 2.3.5.

  File "/home/dlehn/net/bzr/bazaar-ng/bzrlib/", line 479, in commit
    timezone = local_time_offset()
  File "/home/dlehn/net/bzr/bazaar-ng/bzrlib/", line 179, in local_time_offset
    if time.localtime(t).tm_isdst and time.daylight:
TypeError: a float is required

Probably just need to avoid that with something like:
def local_time_offset(t=None):
    if t:
       lt = time.localtime(t)
       lt = time.localtime()
    if lt.tm_isdst and time.daylight:

And it seems running that commit a few times actually puts new commit
files in .bzr even though there are no real changes.


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