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  NEWS and HACKING entries.
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   than VFS methods.  For example, pushes of small branches with tags take
   11 rather than 18 smart server requests.  (Andrew Bennetts, #398608)
+* Sending Ctrl-Break on Windows will now drop you into the debugger, in
+  the same way that sending Ctrl-\\ does on other platforms.
+  (John Arbash Meinel)

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@@ -1167,10 +1167,12 @@
 then bzr will go into pdb post-mortem mode when an unhandled exception
-If you send a SIGQUIT signal to bzr, which can be done by pressing
-Ctrl-\\ on Unix, bzr will go into the debugger immediately.  You can
-continue execution by typing ``c``.  This can be disabled if necessary
-by setting the environment variable ``BZR_SIGQUIT_PDB=0``.
+If you send a SIGQUIT or SIGBREAK signal to bzr then it will drop into the
+debugger immediately. SIGQUIT can be generated by pressing Ctrl-\\ on
+Unix.  SIGBREAK is generated with Ctrl-Pause on Windows (some laptops have
+this as Fn-Pause).  You can continue execution by typing ``c``.  This can
+be disabled if necessary by setting the environment variable
 Debug Flags

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