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 into a bzr repository, preserving the project history.
 You can find the Launchpad_ project (including the bug tracker) at
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+Example Usage
+There are a few ways to use ``cvsps-import`` depending on the complexity of
+the project.
+Normal Usage
+Most project can be simply imported with::
+  bzr cvsps-import path/to/cvsroot module output
+Obviously this has 3 portions
+  This can be a relative or absolute path, but at the moment must be a local
+  path. (``:pserver:`` and ``:ext:`` are not yet supported).
+  Underneath this directory should be the cvs control files. Most notably
+  ``CVSROOT`` which is how cvs tells that it is a repository.
+  You should be able to ``cvs -d /absolute/path/to/cvsroot rlog module``.
+  The cvs module to converted. This can be "." to convert the entire
+  repository.
+  It can be any path inside the repository (ie it can be a sub-module with
+  "``path/to/module``").
+  An output directory to store the conversion, and any intermediate
+  information.
+When things get tricky
+Usually ``bzr cvsps-import`` runs ``cvsps`` itself with appropriate flags to
+generate the changeset file. ``cvsps`` has some limited support for extracting
+the log of all revisions. However, sometimes that is insufficient and you need
+to generate a dump file manually. To do so, create a cvs checkout of the base
+module (you can checkout just the top-level directory with ``-l``). And then
+run ``cvsps`` from there to generate the dump file.
+For example::
+  cvs -d /path/to/cvsroot co -l module
+  cd module
+  cvsps -A -q -u > ../module.dump
+  cd ..
+  bzr cvsps-import --cvsps-dump module.dump /path/to/cvsroot module out
+There are a few options which can be used to change how the conversion will be
+  When extracting texts from the control files, use the rcs command "``co``".
+  This is slightly faster than ``--use-cvs``.
+  Use ``cvs co -p`` to extract the texts from the control files. This is
+  useful when you don't have the rcs tools installed. It seems to be slightly
+  slower than ``--use-rcs``.
+  Set the encoding to use when reading author names and commit logs. The
+  default encoding is ``iso-8859-1`` (``latin-1``).
+The bug tracker for ``cvsps-import`` is hosted on launchpad at
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