spam on commits list

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Sep 21 06:55:44 BST 2006

On 21 Sep 2006, Vera Garcia <Xhaltruism at> wrote:
> [cid]
> took me by the arm and led me out. We went downstairs, one behind
> and saying, My dear Copperfield, my daughter has told me all. 

There seems to be more spam recently that can get past spamassassin.

Given that this list is probably only interesting to Bazaar developers I
propose to change it so that:

   Messages are rejected by default, unless the sender is specifically 
   allowed.  This means people who want to send their commit notes here
   will have to ask Robert or I to be allowed.

If you disagree speak now.

I find it a bit strange that there are a couple of dozen people
subscribed who have apparently never posted to the general list.  Do
they really want all of this mail?  What do they do with it?  I suppose
it's harmless.

If you're one of them, please, respond and satisfy my curiousity.


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