Bazaar 1.6 released!

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Aug 25 18:00:58 BST 2008

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Finally, the long awaited bzr 1.6 has been released.

This release includes new features like Stacked Branches, improved weave
merge, and an updated server protocol (now on v3) which will allow for better
cross version compatibility. With this release we have deprecated Knit format
repositories, and recommend that users upgrade them, we will continue to
support reading and writing them for the forseeable future, but we will not be
tuning them for performance as pack repositories have proven to be better at
scaling. This will also be the first release to bundle TortoiseBzr in the
standalone Windows installer.

This was an extended release cycle, and more work than normal went into this
release. Many thanks to all the people who contributed development time, bug
reports, and polish to all parts of Bazaar. Our next release (1.7) should be
back on our normal time-based release schedule.

The source code and changelog is available at:

Ubuntu packages will be available from the bzr ppa:

Windows and Mac installers should be available soon from:


Release Notes for all changes since bzr 1.5:

bzr 1.6 2008-08-25
- ------------------

Finally, the long awaited bzr 1.6 has been released. This release
includes new features like Stacked Branches, improved weave merge, and
an updated server protocol (now on v3) which will allow for better cross
version compatibility. With this release we have deprecated Knit format
repositories, and recommend that users upgrade them, we will continue to
support reading and writing them for the forseeable future, but we will
not be tuning them for performance as pack repositories have proven to
be better at scaling. This will also be the first release to bundle
TortoiseBzr in the standalone Windows installer.

bzr 1.6rc5 2008-08-19
- ---------------------


    * Disable automatic detection of stacking based on a containing
    directory of the target. It interacted badly with push, and needs a
    bit more work to get the edges polished before it should happen
    automatically. (John Arbash Meinel, #259275)

bzr 1.6rc4 2008-08-18
- ---------------------


    * Fix a regression in knit => pack fetching.  We had a logic
    inversion, causing the fetch to insert fulltexts in random order,
    rather than preserving deltas.  (John Arbash Meinel, #256757)

bzr 1.6rc3 2008-08-14
- ---------------------


    * Disable reading ``.bzrrules`` as a per-branch rule preferences
    file. The feature was not quite ready for a full release.  (Robert


    * Update the windows installer to bundle TortoiseBzr and ``qbzr``
    into the standalone installer. This will be the first official
    windows release that installs Tortoise by default.  (Mark Hammond)


    * Fix a regression in ``bzr+http`` support. There was a missing
    function (``_read_line``) that needed to be carried over from
    ``bzr+ssh`` support. (Andrew Bennetts)

    * ``GraphIndex`` objects will internally read an entire index if
    more than 1/20th of their keyspace is requested in a single
    operation.  This largely mitigates a performance regression in ``bzr
    log FILE`` and completely corrects the performance regression in
    ``bzr log``.  The regression was caused by removing an accomodation
    which had been supporting the index format in use. A newer index
    format is in development which is substantially faster. (Robert

bzr 1.6rc2 2008-08-13
- ---------------------

This release candidate has a few minor bug fixes, and some regression
fixes for Windows.


    * ``bzr upgrade`` on remote branches accessed via bzr:// and
    bzr+ssh:// now works.  (Andrew Bennetts)

    * Change the ``get_format_description()`` strings for
    ``RepositoryFormatKnitPack5`` et al to be single line messages.
    (Aaron Bentley)

    * Fix for a regression on Win32 where we would try to call
    ``os.listdir()`` on a file and not catch the exception properly.
    (Windows raises a different exception.) This would manifest in
    places like ``bzr rm file`` or ``bzr switch``.  (Mark Hammond, John
    Arbash Meinel)

    * ``Inventory.copy()`` was failing to set the revision property for
    the root entry. (Jelmer Vernooij)

    * sftp transport: added missing ``FileExists`` case to
    ``_translate_io_exception`` (Christophe Troestler, #123475)

    * The help for ``bzr ignored`` now suggests ``bzr ls --ignored`` for
    scripting use. (Robert Collins, #3834)

    * The default ``annotate`` logic will now always assign the
    last-modified value of a line to one of the revisions that modified
    it, rather than a merge revision. This would happen when both sides
    claimed to have modified the line resulting in the same text. The
    choice is arbitrary but stable, so merges in different directions
    will get the same results.  (John Arbash Meinel, #232188)

bzr 1.6rc1 2008-08-06
- ---------------------

This release candidate for bzr 1.6 solidifies the new branch stacking
feature.  Bazaar now recommends that users upgrade all knit
repositories, because later formats are much faster.  However, we plan
to continue read/write and upgrade support for knit repostories for the
forseeable future.  Several other bugs and performance issues were


    * Knit format repositories are deprecated and bzr will now emit
    warnings whenever it encounters one.  Use ``bzr upgrade`` to upgrade
    knit repositories to pack format.  (Andrew Bennetts)


    * ``bzr check`` can now be told which elements at a location it
    should check.  (Daniel Watkins)

    * Commit now supports ``--exclude`` (or ``-x``) to exclude some
    files from the commit. (Robert Collins, #3117)

    * Fetching data between repositories that have the same model but no
    optimised fetcher will not reserialise all the revisions, increasing
    performance. (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel)

    * Give a more specific error when target branch is not reachable.
    (James Westby)

    * Implemented a custom ``walkdirs_utf8`` implementation for win32.
    This uses a pyrex extension to get direct access to the
    ``FindFirstFileW`` style apis, rather than using ``listdir`` +
    ``lstat``. Shows a very strong improvement in commands like
    ``status`` and ``diff`` which have to iterate the working tree.
    Anywhere from 2x-6x faster depending on the size of the tree (bigger
    trees, bigger benefit.) (John Arbash Meinel)

    * New registry for log properties handles  and the method in
    LongLogFormatter to display the custom properties returned by the
    registered handlers. (Guillermo Gonzalez, #162469)


    * Add more tests that stacking does not create deltas spanning
    physical repository boundaries.  (Martin Pool, #252428)

    * Better message about incompatible repositories.  (Martin Pool,

    * ``bzr branch --stacked`` ensures the destination branch format can
    support stacking, even if the origin does not.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``bzr export`` no longer exports ``.bzrrules``.  (Ian Clatworthy)

    * ``bzr serve --directory=/`` now correctly allows the whole
    filesystem to be accessed on Windows, not just the root of the drive
    that Python is running from.  (Adrian Wilkins, #240910)

    * Deleting directories by hand before running ``bzr rm`` will not
    cause subsequent errors in ``bzr st`` and ``bzr commit``.  (Robert
    Collins, #150438)

    * Fix a test case that was failing if encoding wasn't UTF-8.  (John
    Arbash Meinel, #247585)

    * Fix "no buffer space available" error when branching with the new
    smart server protocol to or from Windows.  (Andrew Bennetts,

    * Fixed problem in branching from smart server.  (#249256, Michael
    Hudson, Martin Pool)

    * Handle a file turning in to a directory in TreeTransform.  (James
    Westby, #248448)


    * ``MutableTree.commit`` has an extra optional keywork parameter
    ``exclude`` that will be unconditionally supplied by the command
    line UI - plugins that add tree formats may need an update.  (Robert

    * The API minimum version for plugin compatibility has been raised
    to 1.6 - there are significant changes throughout the code base.
    (Robert Collins)

    * The generic fetch code now uses three attributes on Repository
    objects to control fetch. The streams requested are controlled via :
    ``_fetch_order`` and ``_fetch_uses_deltas``. Setting these
    appropriately allows different repository implementations to recieve
    data in their optimial form. If the ``_fetch_reconcile`` is set then
    a reconcile operation is triggered at the end of the fetch.  (Robert

    * The ``put_on_disk`` and ``get_tar_item`` methods in
    ``InventoryEntry`` were deprecated. (Ian Clatworthy)

    * ``Repository.is_shared`` doesn't take a read lock. It didn't need
    one in the first place (nobody cached the value, and
    ``RemoteRepository`` wasn't taking one either). This saves a round
    trip when probing Pack repositories, as they read the ``pack-names``
    file when locked. And during probe, locking the repo isn't very
    useful. (John Arbash Meinel)


    * ``bzrlib.branchbuilder.BranchBuilder`` is now much more capable of
    putting together a real history without having to create a full
    WorkingTree. It is recommended that tests that are not directly
    testing the WorkingTree use BranchBuilder instead.  See
    ``BranchBuilder.build_snapshot`` or
    ``TestCaseWithMemoryTree.make_branch_builder``.  (John Arbash

    * ``bzrlib.builtins.internal_tree_files`` broken into two giving a
    new helper ``safe_relpath_files`` - used by the new ``exclude``
    parameter to commit. (Robert Collins)

    * Make it easier to introduce new WorkingTree formats.  (Ian

    * The code for exporting trees was refactored not to use the
    deprecated ``InventoryEntry`` methods. (Ian Clatworthy)

    * RuleSearchers return () instead of [] now when there are no
    matches.  (Ian Clatworthy)

bzr 1.6beta3 2008-07-17
- -----------------------

This release adds a new 'stacked branches' feature allowing branches to
share storage without being in the same repository or on the same
machine.  (See the user guide for more details.)  It also adds a new
hook, improved weaves, aliases for related locations, faster bzr+ssh
push, and several bug fixes.


    * New ``pre_change_branch_tip`` hook that is called before the
    branch tip is moved, while the branch is write-locked.  See the User
    Reference for signature details.  (Andrew Bennetts)

    * Rule-based preferences can now be defined for selected files in
    selected branches, allowing commands and plugins to provide custom
    behaviour for files matching defined patterns.  See ``Rule-based
    preferences`` (part of ``Configuring Bazaar``) in the User Guide and
    ``bzr help rules`` for more information.  (Ian Clatworthy)

    * Sites may suggest a branch to stack new branches on.  (Aaron

    * Stacked branches are now supported. See ``bzr help branch`` and
    ``bzr help push``.  Branches must be in the ``development1`` format
    to stack, though the stacked-on branch can be of any format.
    (Robert Collins)


    * ``bzr export --format=tgz --root=NAME -`` to export a gzipped
    tarball to stdout; also ``tar`` and ``tbz2``.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``bzr (re)merge --weave`` will now use a standard Weave algorithm,
    rather than the annotation-based merge it was using. It does so by
    building up a Weave of the important texts, without needing to build
    the full ancestry. (John Arbash Meinel, #238895)

    * ``bzr send`` documents and better supports ``emacsclient`` (proper
    escaping of mail headers and handling of the MUA Mew).  (Christophe

    * Remembered locations can be specified by aliases, e.g. :parent,
    :public, :submit.  (Aaron Bentley)

    * The smart protocol now has improved support for setting branches'
    revision info directly.  This makes operations like push faster.
    The new request method name is ``Branch.set_last_revision_ex``.
    (Andrew Bennetts)


    * Bazaar is now able to be a client to the web server of IIS 6 and
    7.  The broken implementations of RFC822 in Python and RFC2046 in
    IIS combined with boundary-line checking in Bazaar previously made
    this impossible. (NB, IIS 5 does not suffer from this problem).
    (Adrian Wilkins, #247585)

    * ``bzr log --long`` with a ghost in your mainline now handles that
    ghost properly. (John Arbash Meinel, #243536)

    * ``check`` handles the split-up .bzr layout correctly, so no longer
    requires a branch to be present.  (Daniel Watkins, #64783)

    * Clearer message about how to set the PYTHONPATH if bzrlib can't be
    loaded.  (Martin Pool, #205230)

    * Errors about missing libraries are now shown without a traceback,
    and with a suggestion to install the library.  The full traceback is
    still in ``.bzr.log`` and can be shown with ``-Derror``.  (Martin
    Pool, #240161)

    * Fetch from a stacked branch copies all required data.  (Aaron
    Bentley, #248506)

    * Handle urls such as where the
    user name contains an @.  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell, #228058)

    * ``needs_read_lock`` and ``needs_write_lock`` now suppress an error
    during ``unlock`` if there was an error in the original function.
    This helps most when there is a failure with a smart server action,
    since often the connection closes and we cannot unlock.  (Andrew
    Bennetts, John Arbash Meinel, #125784)

    * Obsolete hidden command ``bzr fetch`` removed.  (Martin Pool,

    * Raise the correct exception when doing ``-rbefore:0`` or ``-c0``.
    (John Arbash Meinel, #239933)

    * You can now compare file revisions in Windows diff programs from
    Cygwin Bazaar.  (Matt McClure, #209281)

    * revision_history now tolerates mainline ghosts for Branch format
    6.  (Aaron Bentley, #235055)

    * Set locale from environment for third party libs.  (Martin von
    Gagern, #128496)


    * Added *Using stacked branches* to the User Guide.  (Ian

    * Updated developer documentation.  (Martin Pool)


   * ``-Dmemory`` will cause /proc/PID/status to be catted before bzr
   exits, allowing low-key analysis of peak memory use. (Robert Collins)

   * ``TestCaseWithTransport.make_branch_and_tree`` tries harder to
   return a tree with a ``branch`` attribute of the right format.  This
   was preventing some ``RemoteBranch`` tests from actually running with
   ``RemoteBranch`` instances.  (Andrew Bennetts)


    * Removed ``Repository.text_store``, ``control_store``, etc.
    Instead, there are new attributes ``texts, inventories, revisions,
    signatures``, each of which is a ``VersionedFiles``.  See the
    Repository docstring for more details.  (Robert Collins)

    * ``Branch.pull`` now accepts an ``_override_hook_target`` optional
    parameter.  If you have a subclass of ``Branch`` that overrides
    ``pull`` then you should add this parameter.  (Andrew Bennetts)

    * ``bzrlib.check.check()`` has been deprecated in favour of the more
    aptly-named ``bzrlib.check.check_branch()``.  (Daniel Watkins)

    * ``Tree.print_file`` and ``Repository.print_file`` are deprecated.
    These methods are bad APIs because they write directly to
    sys.stdout.  bzrlib does not use them internally, and there are no
    direct tests for them. (Alexander Belchenko)


    * ``cat`` command no longer uses ``Tree.print_file()`` internally.
    (Alexander Belchenko)

    * New class method
    ``BzrDir.open_containing_tree_branch_or_repository`` which eases the
    discovery of the tree, the branch and the repository containing a
    given location.  (Daniel Watkins)

    * New ``versionedfile.KeyMapper`` interface to abstract out the
    access to underlying .knit/.kndx etc files in repositories with
    partitioned storage. (Robert Collins)

    * Obsolete developer-use command ``weave-join`` has been removed.
    (Robert Collins)

    * ``RemoteToOtherFetcher`` and ``get_data_stream_for_search``
    removed, to support new ``VersionedFiles`` layering.  (Robert

bzr 1.6beta2 2008-06-10
- -----------------------

This release contains further progress towards our 1.6 goals of shallow
repositories, and contains a fix for some user-affecting bugs in the
repository layer.  Building working trees during checkout and branch is
now faster.


    * Avoid KnitCorrupt error extracting inventories from some
    repositories.  (The data is not corrupt; an internal check is
    detecting a problem reading from the repository.) (Martin Pool,
    Andrew Bennetts, Robert Collins, #234748)

    * ``bzr status`` was breaking if you merged the same revision twice.
    (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)

    * Fix infinite loop consuming 100% CPU when a connection is lost
    while reading a response body via the smart protocol v1 or v2.
        (Andrew Bennetts)

    * Inserting a bundle which changes the contents of a file with no
    trailing end of line, causing a knit snapshot in a 'knits'
    repository will no longer cause KnitCorrupt. (Robert Collins)

    * ``RemoteBranch.pull`` needs to return the ``self._real_branch``'s
    pull result. It was instead just returning None, which breaks ``bzr
    pull``. (John Arbash Meinel, #238149)

    * Sanitize branch nick before using it as an attachment filename in
    ``bzr send``. (Lukáš Lalinský, #210218)

    * Squash ``inv_entry.symlink_target`` to a plain string when
    generating DirState details. This prevents from getting a
    ``UnicodeError`` when you have symlinks and non-ascii filenames.
    (John Arbash Meinel, #135320)


    * Added the 'alias' command to set/unset and display aliases. (Tim

    * ``added``, ``modified``, and ``unknowns`` behaviour made
    consistent (all three now quote paths where required). Added
    ``--null`` option to ``added`` and ``modified`` (for null-separated
    unknowns, use ``ls --unknown --null``) (Adrian Wilkins)

    * Faster branching (1.09x) and lightweight checkouts (1.06x) on
    large trees.  (Ian Clatworthy, Aaron Bentley)


    * Added *Bazaar Zen* section to the User Guide. (Ian Clatworthy)


    * Fix the test HTTPServer to be isolated from chdir calls made while
    it is running, allowing it to be used in blackbox tests. (Robert


    * ``WorkingTree.set_parent_(ids/trees)`` will now filter out
    revisions which are in the ancestry of other revisions. So if you
    merge the same tree twice, or merge an ancestor of an existing
    merge, it will only record the newest. (If you merge a descendent,
    it will replace its ancestor). (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)

    * ``RepositoryPolicy.__init__`` now requires stack_on and
    stack_on_pwd, through the derived classes do not.  (Aaron Bentley)


    * ``bzrlib.bzrdir.BzrDir.sprout`` now accepts ``stacked`` to control
    creating stacked branches. (Robert Collins)

    * Knit record serialisation is now stricter on what it will accept,
    to guard against potential internal bugs, or broken input. (Robert

bzr 1.6beta1 2008-06-02
- -----------------------

Commands that work on the revision history such as push, pull, missing,
uncommit and log are now substantially faster.  This release adds a
translation of some of the user documentation into Spanish.
(Contributions of other translations would be very welcome.)  Bazaar
1.6beta1 adds a new network protocol which is used by default and which
allows for more efficient transfers and future extensions.


    * There is a new version of the network protocol used for bzr://,
    bzr+ssh:// and bzr+http:// connections.  This will allow more
    efficient requests and responses, and more graceful fallback when a
    server is too old to recognise a request from a more recent client.
    Bazaar 1.6 will interoperate with 0.16 and later versions, but
    servers should be upgraded when possible.  Bazaar 1.6 no longer
    interoperates with 0.15 and earlier via these protocols.  Use
    alternatives like SFTP or upgrade those servers.  (Andrew Bennetts,


    * Deprecation warnings will not be suppressed when running ``bzr
    selftest`` so that developers can see if their code is using
    deprecated functions.  (John Arbash Meinel)


    * Adding ``-Derror`` will now display a traceback when a plugin
    fails to load. (James Westby)


    * ``bzr branch/push/pull -r XXX`` now have a helper function for
    finding the revno of the new revision
    (``Graph.find_distance_to_null``). This should make something like
    ``bzr branch -r -100`` in a shared, no-trees repository much
    snappier. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * ``bzr log --short -r X..Y`` no longer needs to access the full
    revision history. This makes it noticeably faster when logging the
    last few revisions. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * ``bzr ls`` now accepts ``-V`` as an alias for ``--versioned``.
    (Jerad Cramp, #165086)

    * ``bzr missing`` uses the new ``Graph.find_unique_ancestors`` and
    ``Graph.find_differences`` to determine missing revisions without
    having to search the whole ancestry. (John Arbash Meinel, #174625)

    * ``bzr uncommit`` now uses partial history access, rather than
    always extracting the full revision history for a branch. This makes
    it resolve the appropriate revisions much faster (in testing it
    drops uncommit from 1.5s => 0.4s). It also means ``bzr log --short``
    is one step closer to not using full revision history.  (John Arbash
    Meinel, #172649)


    * ``bzr merge --lca`` should handle when two revisions have no
    common ancestor other than NULL_REVISION. (John Arbash Meinel,

    * ``bzr status`` was breaking if you merged the same revision twice.
    (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)

    * ``bzr push`` with both ``--overwrite`` and ``-r NNN`` options no
    longer fails.  (Andrew Bennetts, #234229)

    * Correctly track the base URL of a smart medium when using
    bzr+http:// URLs, which was causing spurious "No repository present"
    errors with branches in shared repositories accessed over bzr+http.
    (Andrew Bennetts, #230550)

    * Define ``_remote_is_at_least_1_2`` on ``SmartClientMedium`` so
    that all implementations have the attribute.  Fixes
    'PyCurlTransport' object has no attribute '_remote_is_at_least_1_2'
    attribute errors.  (Andrew Bennetts, #220806)

    * Failure to delete an obsolete pack file should just give a warning
    message, not a fatal error.  It may for example fail if the file is
    still in use by another process.  (Martin Pool)

    * Fix MemoryError during large fetches over HTTP by limiting the
    amount of data we try to read per ``recv`` call.  The problem was
    observed with Windows and a proxy, but might affect other
    environments as well.  (Eric Holmberg, #215426)

    * Handle old merge directives correctly in Merger.from_mergeable.
    Stricter get_parent_map requirements exposed a latent bug here.
    (Aaron Bentley)

    * Issue a warning and ignore passwords declared in
    authentication.conf when used for an ssh scheme (sftp or bzr+ssh).
    (Vincent Ladeuil, #203186)

    * Make both http implementations raise appropriate exceptions on 403
    Forbidden when POSTing smart requests.  (Vincent Ladeuil, #230223)

    * Properly *title* header names in http requests instead of
    capitalizing them.  (Vincent Ladeuil, #229076)

    * The "Unable to obtain lock" error message now also suggests using
    ``bzr break-lock`` to fix it.  (Martin Albisetti, #139202)

    * Treat an encoding of '' as ascii; this can happen when bzr is run
    under vim on Mac OS X.  (Neil Martinsen-Burrell)

    * ``VersionedFile.make_mpdiffs()`` was raising an exception that
    wasn't in scope. (Daniel Fischer #235687)


    * Added directory structure and started translation of docs in
    spanish.  (Martin Albisetti, Lucio Albenga)

    * Incorporate feedback from Jelmer Vernooij and Neil
    Martinsen-Burrell on the plugin and integration chapters of the User
    Guide.  (Ian Clatworthy)

    * More Bazaar developer documentation about packaging and release
    process, and about use of Python reprs.  (Martin Pool, Martin

    * Updated Tortise strategy document. (Mark Hammond)


    * ``bzrlib.tests.adapt_tests`` was broken and unused - it has been
    fixed.  (Robert Collins)

    * Fix the test HTTPServer to be isolated from chdir calls made while
    it is running, allowing it to be used in blackbox tests. (Robert

    * New helper function for splitting test suites
    ``split_suite_by_condition``. (Robert Collins)


    * ``Branch.missing_revisions`` has been deprecated. Similar
    functionality can be obtained using
    ``bzrlib.missing.find_unmerged``. The api was fairly broken, and the
    function was unused, so we are getting rid of it.  (John Arbash


    * ``Branch.abspath`` is deprecated; use the Tree or Transport
    instead.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``Branch.update_revisions`` now takes an optional ``Graph``
    object. This can be used by ``update_revisions`` when it is checking
    ancestry, and allows callers to prefer request to go to a local
    branch.  (John Arbash Meinel)

    * Branch, Repository, Tree and BzrDir should expose a Transport as
    an attribute if they have one, rather than having it indirectly
    accessible as ``.control_files._transport``.  This doesn't add a
    requirement to support a Transport in cases where it was not needed
    before; it just simplifies the way it is reached.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``bzr missing --mine-only`` will return status code 0 if you have
    no new revisions, but the remote does. Similarly for
    ``--theirs-only``.  The new code only checks one side, so it doesn't
    know if the other side has changes. This seems more accurate with
    the request anyway.  It also changes the output to print
    '[This|Other] branch is up to date.' rather than displaying nothing.
    (John Arbash Meinel)

    * ``LockableFiles.put_utf8``, ``put_bytes`` and ``controlfilename``
    are now deprecated in favor of using Transport operations.  (Martin

    * Many methods on ``VersionedFile``, ``Repository`` and in
    ``bzrlib.revision``  deprecated before bzrlib 1.5 have been removed.
    (Robert Collins)

    * ``RevisionSpec.wants_revision_history`` can be set to False for a
    given ``RevisionSpec``. This will disable the existing behavior of
    passing in the full revision history to ``self._match_on``. Useful
    for specs that don't actually need access to the full history. (John
        Arbash Meinel)

    * The constructors of ``SmartClientMedium`` and its subclasses now
    require a ``base`` parameter.  ``SmartClientMedium`` implementations
    now also need to provide a ``remote_path_from_transport`` method.
    (Andrew Bennetts)

    * The default permissions for creating new files and directories
    should now be obtained from ``BzrDir._get_file_mode()`` and
    ``_get_dir_mode()``, rather than from LockableFiles.  The
    ``_set_file_mode`` and ``_set_dir_mode`` variables on LockableFiles
    which were advertised as a way for plugins to control this are no
    longer consulted.  (Martin Pool)

    * ``VersionedFile.join`` is deprecated. This method required local
    instances of both versioned file objects and was thus hostile to
    being used for streaming from a smart server. The new
    get_record_stream and insert_record_stream are meant to efficiently
    replace this method.  (Robert Collins)

    * ``WorkingTree.set_parent_(ids/trees)`` will now filter out
    revisions which are in the ancestry of other revisions. So if you
    merge the same tree twice, or merge an ancestor of an existing
    merge, it will only record the newest. (If you merge a descendent,
    it will replace its ancestor). (John Arbash Meinel, #235407)

    * ``WorkingTreeFormat2.stub_initialize_remote`` is now private.
    (Martin Pool)

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