[apparmor] About 4.7 upstream kernel patches

Vincas Dargis vindrg at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 16:15:04 UTC 2017

2017.04.05 12:32, John Johansen rašė:
> hopefully 4.13 should have the core of the development changes, though it
> might not have everything the ubuntu kernel has. What exactly lands by then
> will depend on upstream feedback

Does this includes network rules or not necessary..? My original question was
about network rule support, as I was kinda expected them to be in Mainline
because of that 4.7 patch set mailing you wrote [0] (there was "UBUNTU: SAUCE:
AppArmor: basic networking rules" patch listed) that I mentioned in my original

No, if I understood responses correctly, these patches goes to sort of branches of
Linux until it's merged in mainline, right?

Anyway, thanks for you work, upstreaming and else!

[0] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/apparmor/2016-July/009868.html

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