[apparmor] Need rewrite of http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/Main_Page#Description AND/OR http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/AppArmor:About

Richard Owlett rowlett at cloud85.net
Fri May 20 15:37:53 UTC 2016

I'm potentially a new user of AppArmor.

http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/Main_Page#Description states:
"AppArmor security policies completely define what system 
resources individual applications can access, and with what 

Is too vague to be useful to some one unfamiliar with the 

http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/AppArmor:About is *EMPTY*.

What is needed 300-500 words on "Why should you want AppArmor?"

I would not be surprised to be told it exists.
BUT how would I know about it?

As a Debian user I went to 
https://packages.debian.org/jessie/apparmor .
Under "Homepage" there is a link to http://apparmor.net/ .
That silently sent me to 
http://wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/Main_Page .

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