[apparmor] [Contd.] [profile] /etc/cron.daily/logrotate: a couple of DENIED messages.

daniel curtis sidetripping at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 12:01:26 UTC 2016

Hi Seth

Yes advices too, but You helped me a lot with this profile. Anyway, today,
after reload the logrotate profile, I've noticed in log file;
/var/log/kern.log something like this:

Dec  9 12:44:03 t4 kernel: [ 1899.771574] type=1400
audit(1481283842.997:46): apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" parent=8174
profile="/etc/cron.daily/logrotate" pid=8179 comm="logrotate" capability=3

So, logrotate need one more capability? If yes, it is:

capability fowner

Am I right? Profile reloaded without any problem - it seems, that
everything is okay.

Best regards.
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