[apparmor] Whitespace problems with the newly added simple_tests

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Sat Jul 11 16:07:12 UTC 2015


some of the newly added simple_tests with variables in the profile or 
child profile name let the tools fail because of missing \n. The 
problematic lines look like this:

    profile foo@{FOO} { }

The problem is that { and } are in the same line, while the tools expect 
rules to be \n-separated. [1]

Would a patch to change those tests to

    profile foo@{FOO} {

be ok?

BTW: I noticed that the missing \n in 
is intentional, so I won't change this test and add it as an exception 
to test-parser-simple_tests.py.

Sidenote: Profile attachments starting with a variable will probably 
still cause errors because the regex doesn't allow them - but first I 
need an otherwise parseable profile ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] I know the parser doesn't care about \n vs. space, but I'm not sure
    if we really want to change the tools in that way.
> Wie beschleunige ich jetzt die zweite Maus, da ich es hier nicht
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am besten holst du dir eine Katze, dann beschleunigt sich die Maus von
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