[apparmor] [patch] new profile tools - handling of "(F)inish"

Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Mon Jan 27 22:16:53 UTC 2014


currently, selecting (F)inish in the new profile tools basically means 
aborting without saving anything. However, we already have Abo(r)t for 
that ;-)

(F)inish should ask the user if he wants to save the changed profiles 
before exiting.

The attached patch does this (except for two places, where I just added 
a TODO instead of real code ;-) - probably solvable by copy&paste)

I don't really like that I had to remove the central handling of 
(F)inish in ui.py and add it to several places in aa.py. OTOH calling 
confirm_and_finish() from ui.py a) isn't that easy and b) would mix 
program logic into ui.py - I'm not sure if this is a good idea.

Hmm, maybe we should also move the handling for Abo(r)t to aa.py and 
make ui.py totally dump to be consistent, even if this means to add some 
duplicated lines?

Or add a small function to aa.py as wrapper for UI_PromptUser that
- always adds (F)inish and Abo(r)t
- handles those two
- and returns any other answer to the calling function
This function could then be used for all user prompts, with the 
exception of the "save profile / view diff" prompt.


That all said:
Kshitij, this is your chance to write an evil review about a patch from 
me - don't waste it ;-)  (In the unlikely case that you like my patch, 
you can of course commit it ;-)


Christian Boltz
Werbung lügt, Corporate Design sagt die Wahrheit. Naja,
alle _guten_ Komponenten der Wahrheit. :-)      [Ratti]
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