[apparmor] Please review and merge updated Pidgin profile [Was: Updating the Pidgin profile]

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Sun Jan 26 11:40:52 UTC 2014


Simon Deziel wrote (24 Jan 2014 16:11:47 GMT) :
> This all makes sense for a recent release.

OK, thanks for looking at it!

> On Precise, the abstractions/dconf is not available though.

I don't think this abstraction made it into any actual AppArmor
release yet anyway.

>> I'd like someone else than me to test my current profile (attached),
>> before I ask for inclusion again. Simon, do you want to test it?

> I'm not yet ready to move to Trusty/14.04 yet so I cannot test with
> fresh packages. If/when I do, I'll post feedback.

OK, I'm then going ahead and asking for the update of the Pidgin
profile with the attached one. Reviews and comments are welcome!

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