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Am Freitag, 17. Januar 2014 schrieb Tomáš Bažant:
> [...]

For those not following #apparmor in the last days/weeks:
Tomáš is currently updating the AppArmor manual for SLE (which will also 
end up in openSUSE).

I'm responding on the ML to give everybody a chance to review it.
You can checkout the current version with
    svn co https://svn.opensuse.org/svn/opensuse-doc/trunk/documents/sle/en
    (then check xml/apparmor_*)

The attached file contains my review as a patch that can be applied to 
the SVN checkout (I diffed against r11911). Note that my patch adds
several comments etc., so it's probably not a good idea to blindly apply
it and commit the result to SVN ;-)
(I'd recommend to apply it, then use something like meld to review it.)

@John: Please search the patch for "John" and add your 0,02 $ - there 
are some details that I don't know good enough.
(If someone else wants to comment, that's of course also welcome ;-)

@Tomáš: {,you'll} have a lot of fun while fixing what I found ;-)


Christian Boltz

PS: non-random sig ;-)
Yes, I know how much devs hate writing documentation... I was a dev.
[Carlos E. R. in opensuse-factory]
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