[apparmor] Updating the Pidgin profile

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Tue Jan 14 17:16:42 UTC 2014


confining Pidgin is a top-priority for Tails, so I've been looking
into it to see what profile I'll integrate into the
apparmor-profiles-extra Debian package.

The Pidgin profile in lp:~apparmor-dev/apparmor-profiles/master hasn't
changed since 11.04. I somewhat doubt that anyone has even tried using
it with a recent Pidgin.

Since about two years, I've been locally maintaining and using another
Pidgin profile. It may be too liberal in various aspects (and I'm
happy to hear about it, reviews are more than welcome!), but at least
it is up-to-date and works fine on current Debian unstable.
I'm attaching it in its current state.

The diff is quite large (better use --ignore-space-change, as the
profile on Launchpad uses tab indentation, contrary to all other
profiles I've seen).

What would be the next steps towards merging my changes?

Should I split my changes into incremental commits? Does it seem crazy
to un-bitrot the profile all at once, after I do the changes that
a serious review will no doubt ask for?

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