[apparmor] [opensuse-project] Google Summer of Code'13 accepted student

John Johansen john.johansen at canonical.com
Wed Jun 5 18:40:55 UTC 2013

On 06/05/2013 10:43 AM, Kshitij Gupta wrote:
> Hello,
> @Christian First off, what mail client do you use? I'd like to be able to have my replies like you all do.
> Back to topic at hand, the config wrapper has two additional functions besides the read and write (which also sets the permissions for the profiles). So, for the time being I'll keep redo the config file with the configprofiler module and if later on I can rather easily do-away with the config library file if its not needed (though I'll note down this point because I might forget it later on).
thats fine

> Okay, I'll go through the roadmap once again and then setup the wikipage for my roadmap. (Any naming ideas for the wikipage?) Also, a new name for the library tools package (If we're moving away from Immunix)? ;-)
GSoC2013 would work, so would ProfileDevelopmentTool, or Genprofv2, or ...

tool library naming I would use either apparmor or the toolname as part of the library name

libapparmorutils.py or libgenprof.py, or apparmorutils_lib.py, genprof_lib.py, ... something along those lines

> As, for the code review John went into the docstrings and comments which I quite agree too, since Python code in general is pretty readable in general so a few explanatory comments should be sufficient. But I suppose a few lines of docstring will not harm (and will be useful when importing the modules, since AppArmor.py will be pretty long). Also, I agree with John whatever seems more "obvious/Pythonic way" to do it should be adopted. Apart from the commenting, I'll take that the coding style for those few lines was okay to everyone?  ;-)
Writing docstrings is a good habit to get into in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you will need them, but like I said for this/opensource in general use your judgment.

I didn't have any issues with the code I reviewed beyond what I already commented one.

> I think I love the blogpost about the weekly progress idea, so hopefully I'll try to follow that (Does anyone want me to setup a new blog for the sole-purpose?).
apparmor doesn't have a blog setup atm, we could look into setting one up. Suse might have a blog that can be used by their GSoC projects we will have to check into it.

> Looks good enough to me, I'll setup my IRC client for that. We have a variety of timezones (mine being UTC+5:30), though gladly I don't quite have issues with time since, I spend much of my day (and night) near my computer. :-D
> You and John can decide on the schedule for weekly meetings, I'll let you know if the schedule does not suit me (that'd be highly unlikely though).
I would guess during cboltz's evening will work best  17:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC, and probably during the week as real life seams to affect weekend schedules more

> I'll try to be present in the next meeting. BTW, anything on the agenda requiring my presence?
required? no, you have already introduced yourself and the meeting will likely be the same set of people
nice to have, sure

I am guessing since you are UTC+5:30 that the meeting is getting pretty late for you. Would an earlier time be better? Perhaps 17:00 or 18:00 UTC?

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