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Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Wed Jun 5 18:42:05 UTC 2013


Am Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013 schrieb Kshitij Gupta:
> @Christian First off, what mail client do you use? I'd like to be able
> to have my replies like you all do.

Nearly every mail client supports this style to reply (even Outlook ;-)  
The main "trick" is to insert your reply in the middle of the quoted 
mail instead of typing at the first line.

I'm using KMail, but the current version has some known issues caused by 
the switch to Akonadi and Nepomuk. If you want to use KMail, make sure 
to have the latest KDE version to see less bugs ;-)

Thunderbird might be another option. It's the mail client I usually 
recommend to windows users ;-)  (because they can't use KMail)

> Back to topic at hand, the config wrapper has two additional functions
> besides the read and write (which also sets the permissions for the
> profiles). So, for the time being I'll keep redo the config file with
> the configprofiler module and if later on I can rather easily do-away
> with the config library file if its not needed (though I'll note down
> this point because I might forget it later on).

OK, additional functions are a good argument for a wrapper.

> Okay, I'll go through the roadmap once again and then setup the
> wikipage for my roadmap. (Any naming ideas for the wikipage?) 

Why not just something simple like "Profile generation tools"?
That said, the page name is not too important - and we can still 
move/rename the page if we find a better name ;-)

> Also, a
> new name for the library tools package (If we're moving away from
> Immunix)? ;-)

I'd just use "AppArmor".

> As, for the code review John went into the docstrings and comments
> which I quite agree too, since Python code in general is pretty
> readable in general so a few explanatory comments should be
> sufficient. But I suppose a few lines of docstring will not harm (and

Comments and documentation never harm, and having a short summary of 
what a function does and how to call it is always helpful.

There's nothing wrong with reading the source, but for a quick overview 
a good comment is quite helpful ;-)

> will be useful when importing the modules, since AppArmor.py will be
> pretty long). 

That sounds like you might want to split it into several files ;-)

> I'll take that the coding style for those few lines was
> okay to everyone?  ;-)

Yes :-)

> I think I love the blogpost about the weekly progress idea, so
> hopefully I'll try to follow that (Does anyone want me to setup a new
> blog for the sole-purpose?).

Just use your existing blog - it will give you some additional readers, 
and if you are lucky, they'll stay for more than the GSoC period.

> Looks good enough to me, I'll setup my IRC client for that. We have a
> variety of timezones (mine being UTC+5:30), though gladly I don't
> quite have issues with time since, I spend much of my day (and night)
> near my computer. :-D

I'd say we can probably meet in what you call "night" and I call 
"evening" ;-)

The time of the monthly AppArmor meetings is 20:00 UTC, which might be a 
bit too late for you (it would start at 1:30 in your timezone if my 
calculation is right).

If you like IRC discussions after midnight, we can do the weekly 
meetings at 20:00 UTC, but 18:30 or 19:00 UTC would also be possible for 
me. Would that work better for you?
@John: what about you?

> I'll try to be present in the next meeting. BTW, anything on the
> agenda requiring my presence?

Not yet ;-) but often we discuss more things than initially planned, and 
those discussions that typically start with a "BTW" can be quite 
interesting ;-)

> @Christian Sorry for the sig, I wasnt aware of the extra space and I'm

No problem ;-)

> glad you liked my first sig. :-) I'll probably build myself a
> collection of those too.

If you are interested in the scripts I'm using: 
Nothing magic, but it can save you from re-inventing the wheel ;-)


Christian Boltz
> bei Bernd ist alles Zufall.
Glaubst Du nicht, dass da Kristallkugel.pl zugeschlagen hat? Ich bin mir
sicher, dass Bernd sowas auf seinem Rechner hat ;-)
[> Michael Schulz u. Manfred Tremmel über Bernd Brodesser in suse-linux]

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