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Christian Boltz apparmor at cboltz.de
Tue Jun 4 23:21:40 UTC 2013


Am Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013 schrieb Kshitij Gupta:
> @John thanks confirming the account. Also I studied the documentation
> for the configprofiler and I find it perfectly suitable for
> manipulating the config files. I can quite easily write a new may
> module using this library.

Or you use it directly if it does what you need.

There's nothing wrong with wrappers, but if you don't need one, don't 
write one ;-)

> While I was thinking of setting up a page for the purpose I came
> across this [wiki.apparmor.net/index.php/DevelopmentRoadmap#Tools]. I
> see quite a lot of things on the roadmap, but the question is if the
> page is up-to-date or not. 

I'm afraid the only wiki page that is really up to date is the page 
about IRC meetings ;-)

>From reading the roadmap page, I see that for example "sandbox 
generation tool" is somewhat outdated - at least the "basic profile 
setup" part is covered by aa-easyprof.

> In the roadmap (under Tools) I see things
> like profile merge tool (one of the things we intend to do), new
> learning tools, basic profile setup, split into separate tools (not
> sure if the latter is a thing I am supposed to do),etc. 

"split into separate tools" is listed for the parser (apparmor_parser 
binary, which (simplified summary) reads the profiles and loads them 
into the kernel). 

That's different from the profile generation tools, and therefore not an 
area you'll be working on. (Nevertheless, if you notice an issue with 
it, a bugreport or a patch is always welcome.)

> So, I believe
> this can be a starting point and hence based on these and additional
> ideas for the roadmap I can setup a wikipage for it.

I have a feeling that your GSoC proposal is better, more detailed and 
more up-to-date than the roadmap page - you should probably copy it to 
the wiki (on a new page) so that additional ideas can be included.

> @Christian, I think you might have skipped a mail in between. If you
> could take out some time I'd like some code review before I step
> ahead into other tools. :)

I skipped that mail because John's reply covered it completely. 

I also reviewed the code, but my reply would have been very similar to 
what John wrote. Writing the same stuff is also known as superfluous ;-)

> Also I suppose we should setup a schedule for interacting, like I
> understand that you take breathers during weekends. Maybe we can come
> up on a weekly schedule when we'll be present on IRC so we or anybody
> else can interact.

Weekly meetings are a good idea - we just need to find a good time (see 

BTW: openSUSE also has a tradition to have short weekly reports as blog 
post and/or sent to the mailinglist. It would be nice if you can also do 
that. (The mails should go to the apparmor and the opensuse-project 

Back to IRC - the best thing would be to "always" join the #apparmor IRC 
channel. There's no need to keep the IRC client active while you are 
sleeping ;-) but it's a good idea to have the IRC client automatically 
starting and joining the #apparmor channel when you login on your 

This doesn't mean we have to do daily meetings, but if you have 
questions, you'll usually get a fast answer on IRC.

I'm usually online in the evenings (CET timezone) - something like 17:00 
UTC to 23:00 UTC. Often I'm also online on the weekend, but sometimes 
(not only on weekends) real life brings some more important stuff ;-)

John is usually available at work hours (in USA), which roughly 
translates to CET late afternoon until very late ;-) evening.

Does this match the time when you are typically near your computer?
If yes, just regularly join the #apparmor channel.

Nevertheless, wel should find a good time for regular (weekly?) 

BTW: The next meeting is already scheduled for next tuesday.

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> Roman: Hell Listmates,
> Stefan: I don't consider this list "hell". It's unfriendly sometimes,
> but only to those who deserve it :P
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Nice and quite typical for Seife ;-)  but not (yet) in my collection - 
how could I overlook that?

A small technical detail - please use "-- " (minus minus space - the 
space is important) to separate the sig. That's the usual sig delimiter, 
and many mail clients have an option to automatically remove the sig 
when writing a reply.


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