[apparmor] Ubuntu / Debian namespaces

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Thu Apr 26 16:47:15 UTC 2012


Jamie Strandboge wrote (26 Apr 2012 13:29:06 GMT) :
> To put a little history here: [...]

Thanks, this was much welcome.

> I think the derivative- approach is overly complicated. I think
> being pragmatic as you suggest is the way to go. We can continue to
> treat the Ubuntu and Debian relationship as special (which it is :)
> and if Debian needs something truly Debian-specific, a new debian-
> abstraction can be used. TBH, I doubt this will happen.

I'm glad we agree on this one.

>> (Note that I intend to push into Debian AppArmor profiles taken
>> from Ubuntu real soon now, starting with usr.bin.evince that, to
>> name one, includes more than a dozen of Ubuntu abstractions, and
>> works perfectly, as-is, on current Debian unstable.)

> Awesome! Another one you might want to target early on is
> telepathy-mission-control-5 since the only delta with Debian is the
> AppArmor one (iirc).

Given the schedule is tight before the Wheezy freeze, I think I'll
focus on the priorities I've set when I started working on AppArmor in
Debian: https://wiki.debian.org/AppArmor

... but we now have the underlying infrastructure (dh-apparmor) in
place that allows Ubuntu to push AppArmor profiles directly into
Debian, and hence reduce the delta you're carrying :)
Perhaps this effort could benefit from the tools developed as part of
the Debian derivatives initiative.

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